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Jean Grenier – Saint Ambroise, Saguenay, Canada

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Mission facts

–We’ve supported his efforts since 1990.  He is currently being supported by 11 other congregations/individuals in the U.S.   

–Jean graduated from International Bible College in 1989.

–His wife is Anne, and he has two children, Myriam and Jean-Philippe.

–Jean works in St. Ambroise (Saguenay), Quebec Province, Canada.

–Jean bought a garage next to his home in 2004. His dream was to turn the garage into a chapel for the church.

–Jean turned the building over to the church after several months of government deliberations in 2009.

–He primary works for the local congregation of approximately 16 people, but also works with 3 others of much smaller size.  He speaks with them via phone or Skype every week and he leads the sermon weekly via the internet.  The closest congregation to them is in Quebec City, which is 2 ½ hrs away.

Updates on the work

–For the past 9 years Jean has been gathering support for the renovation of his garage into the church building.  This project should be finished in 2015.  See photos:  Updated pictures

–There are plans to offer a bible camp for teens and to establish a preacher-training school

What can you do?

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Yvon Beaudoin – Quebec Province, Canada

Yvon and Louise      Church

Mission facts

Update: QUEBEC MISSSION – Yvon Beaudoin 2015

–West Main has supported his efforts since 2000.  He has the support of 4 other congregations. 

–He and his wife, Louise, work in the areas around Quebec City and Montreal, Canada.

–Yvon preaches for 4 congregations with a total membership of 35 members.

–He travels over 500 miles per week to preach.

–He also goes to French Guyana annually to encourage the church there.

Updates on the work

–Church in Quebec City recently purchased a building from Catholic church.

 What can you do?

–Send cards of encouragement – KIT teams


–Email notes of encouragement to