Lads to Leaders Program

With 45 years of proven results, L2L is the oldest and largest youth and adult training program in the Churches of Christ. This is not just a “youth” program. The whole family—and even the whole church—can participate, not just watch. It brings churches closer together by crossing generation lines.

L2L events are divided into two categories. Year-round events completed at the home congregation and convention events.  You can find more information about the year-round events here.  Pre-convention events are completed shortly before convention. You can learn more about Pre-Convention events here and more about Convention events here.

Meaningful, year-round events, like Teach to Teach (a teacher training program), Second Language and Good Samaritan, instill in participants a commitment to their local church ministries. We believe that if you get them involved in church ministries at a young age, they will be involved for the rest of their lives!