Pinevale Childrens Home

Each year there are many more neglected and hurt children in need of help and a home. Children come to Pine Vale through private placement by families, through the Department of Human Services, through the courts and through churches. Pine Vale’s doors are always open to any child or group of siblings in need of a home. We help as many children as our resources will allow and it is always our hope to serve more. Pine Vale has existed for forty years because of the generous support of many friends, primarily members of the churches of Christ. We daily have opportunities to change the lives of children in so many ways. As we look to the future, our goal remains the same: helping children in need of a home. We always have room for one more-if you know of a child or children who need a safe place to live, please consider contacting us. If you have the financial ability to help, we hope you will consider helping us in this work. You are always welcome to visit or contact us at any time.

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