Fishers of Men

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Mission facts

–FOM is a personal evangelism program that instructs Christians how to conduct personal bible studies.

–In 1977, the FOM Ministry began with two full-time instructors, Darrell O’Rourke and Chuck Thyne. In the beginning, this ministry was under the oversight of the Naperville Church of Christ, Naperville, IL, but is now under the elders of the Cordova church of Christ, Cordova, Tennessee.

–More than 100 instructors have conducted about 1100 FOM courses in 40 states with over 26,000 students from 1500 congregations. These 26,000 plus students conducted over 90,000 Bible studies with about 28,000 souls; baptizing approximately 20,000 into Christ. During this time, students of the FOM course have been involved in establishing more than a dozen new congregations.

–The Fishers of Men course has also been conducted in Australia, Bahamas, Brazil, Canada, England, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Jamaica, Malaysia, Nigeria, Peru, Russia, Singapore, St. Vincent, West Indies, and Tanzania & more to come. The Search for Truth lessons

–Search for Truth lessons are available in print and on the website and are in English, Chinese, Indonesian, Russian, and Spanish.

–There are 5 full-time instructors and 20 plus part-time instructors.  There is one Russian-trained FOM teacher that graduated from the Syktyvkar Bible School.

–We’ve supported Tim and Lynn Wilkes since 1998.  They are currently being supported by 5 other congregations in the U.S.

–Tim is an elder of the Coldwater Church of Christ and serves as one of 5 instructors.

–Visit for more information.