Syktyvkar Bible School – Syktyvkar, Russia

Mission facts

–We began the preacher training school in Syktyvkar, Russia in 1993 with help from the Syktyvkar church and Southern Christian University in Montgomery, AL.

–The school began with a 2-year program designed to help train preachers.  A 3-year program was added in 2008. This one year, in depth, study for former graduates was designed to enhance their talents and abilities to serve the congregations where they already preach and teach.

–There have been a total of 95 graduates from the 2 year program (48 men 47 women graduates of the school since 1995)

–There are 18 men actively preaching in Russian cities.

–A Distance Learning (DL) program was added in 2010 to strengthen congregations in Russia and Ukraine.  Materials were developed by Larry Little, Dean of the Syktyvkar School, and translated, printed, collated, bound, and mailed by the Syktyvkar staff.  Local congregations provide a mentor to coordinate the studies of the area students.  The program is now offering a 4th year of study.

–The work is overseen by the Syktyvkar and West Main elders.

–Over 15 congregations and individuals contribute to this work.