World Bible School

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Mission facts

–We’ve had WBS teachers since 2004. 

–Since the 1950’s, WBS has been sending Bible correspondence courses free-of-charge to students around the world.

–The program has served over 2 million students from 141 nations.

–The courses were first written by Christians for Christians who served in the armed forces overseas. These men and women separated by war and distance from other believers had difficulty finding opportunities to gather for fellowship, Bible study, prayer and encouragement. To their delight, the Christian service men found their fellow soldiers had a great interest and hunger for learning from the Word of God and they began sharing the materials with thousands who were not Christians.

–WBS continues to send Bible study correspondence courses to eager students through the postal mail, by email, and on the world wide web. Of course, they are all STILL free of charge.

–Visit and for more information or to begin teaching.