West Main Church of Christ

A New Testament Church.

We invite you to worship with us

It is our desire to follow the commands as found in the Bible and to be as near like the church founded in the first century.  We are Christians based on obedience to the gospel of Christ exactly like those on the day of Pentecost.  There is no authority except God, who has given us his inspired word to obey.

Not only is this return to New Testament Christianity a wonderful basis upon which all believers in Christ can unite, it is absolutely solid ground. If we do just what our Lord commanded we know that our salvation is certain. Come with us as we go back to the Bible, back to Christ and his church!

A message from the Shepherds:
To our West Main church family and friends, 
We, as a large segment of Mississippians, are anticipating a return to life as normal.  Longing for a time that we can join in joyous singing songs of praise, lifting up prayers of thanks, as God’s family gathers under one roof.  Our prayer is this will occur in the near future, however, at this moment the number of individuals suffering from this virus and the ensuing death toll continues to rise. Which implies we are still in danger, as we were months ago.  With the current advent of business beginning to open, the push for renewed activities in many sectors who are making reopening plans, the anxious hope of returning to the past life cautiously continues to rise. 

We have started the process of planning a return approach that will factor in all the safety precautions identified by the various authorities on several levels that provide guidance and procedures. Based on the current information we plan to continue worship and Bible study through our media – Website, Facebook, and Zoom through May and beyond (Till all members may safely be together).  At this moment there are too many variable factors to set a tentative reopening schedule. Hopefully, with conserative cautious planning, we may start a slow return in the near future.  

When we do begin worship gatherings, there will be new procedures that include: hygiene protocols, face masks, social-distancing, and limited attendance.  We are working to define those now, anticipating (and looking forward to) the day we can meet again.

There are many factors that must be considered including those members in the high risk category.  The medical community, CDC, Mississippi Health Department have identified the conditions that place a person in a very vulnerable health risk.  For those, we sense it will be a much longer time for their return.   Until it is reasonably safe for all to return, we plan to continue to offer online services.

We have scheduled a meeting (Zoom) with the Elders, Ministers, and Deacons this week to begin gathering information in order to formulate a planned return.  We know God is in control, we solicit your prayers that He will grant us the wisdom and patience needed to bring all of the West Main family back together.  Our longing for each of you continues to fill our hearts with love and hope.  Please continue to reach out to each other, encourage spiritual comfort, instill patience and when we have done this be still and see what God is going to do.

For the Love of Christ and His church
West Main Elders


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If you have concerns about “Forsaking the Assembly” on Sunday – Hebrews 10:25, read this article found at: https://www.focuspress.org/2020/03/17/misunderstanding-forsaking-the-assembly/

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Live Broadcast

We hope you are able to join us in person for worship. If you are unable, we make a live broadcast of our worship for your convenience to worship at home. It is live when our services are live – at 9am and 6pm on Sundays