West Main Church of Christ

A New Testament Church.

We invite you to worship with us

It is our desire to follow the commands as found in the Bible and to be as near like the church founded in the first century.  We are Christians based on obedience to the gospel of Christ exactly like those on the day of Pentecost.  There is no authority except God, who has given us his inspired word to obey.

Not only is this return to New Testament Christianity a wonderful basis upon which all believers in Christ can unite, it is absolutely solid ground. If we do just what our Lord commanded we know that our salvation is certain. Come with us as we go back to the Bible, back to Christ and his church!

***Please note – if possible, we encourage you to participate “live” on a Zoom call for worship together. Instructions were emailed yesterday to every member participating in emails and are also posted on the West Main private Facebook group. If you are unable to participate via Zoom and would like to, please reach out to any of our deacons for help before next Sunday.***


Please listen to announcements and a word from our Elders.

Worship in Song

Please join in as Jonathan Begnaud leads us in worship. He will be leading the 1st verse of 3 familiar songs.

3/29 Sermon - Brought to you by Kerry Williams

Lord’s Supper – 

Communion in homes

Prepare at home – unleavened bread and 100% grape juice
Unleavened bread recipe.
1 Cup all purpose flour, ⅓ cup vegetable oil, ⅛ teaspoon salt, ⅓ cup water
Bake at 425 degrees (Preheated oven – 8-10 minutes)
Some premade individual cups at church building
If unable to do either, call us
Family determine when to observe during their worship time


Preferred: You my mail check to West Main Church, 2460 West Main Street, Tupelo, MS 38801. Or give by clicking the button below.

If you have concerns about “Forsaking the Assembly” on Sunday – Hebrews 10:25, read this article found at: https://www.focuspress.org/2020/03/17/misunderstanding-forsaking-the-assembly/

Live Broadcast

We hope you are able to join us in person for worship. If you are unable, we make a live broadcast of our worship for your convenience to worship at home. It is live when our services are live – at 9am and 6pm on Sundays