West Main Church of Christ – Building and Facility Usage Policy

 Revised 4/07/24


Statement of faith –  Jehovah God is Sovereign, the creator of the Universe, and it is our duty to love Him as our Father with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. ( Mark 12:30)

  1. Jesus is the Christ, the son of God, who died on the cross for the remission of our sins and is seated at the right hand of God in Heaven (John 20:31, 1 Thes. 4:14, Mark 16:19)
  2. The Holy Spirit is one of the Godhead with God the Father and Jesus the Christ; He is given as a gift after baptism, He is our assurance of eternal life. (2 Cor. 13:14, Acts 2:38).
  3. The gospel is the good news concerning the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, there is salvation in no other. (1 Cor. 15: 1-4)
  4. Salvation is received through individual obedience to the gospel call by believing that Jesus is God’s only son, repenting of sins, confessing that Jesus is the Christ, being baptized by immersion in water for the forgiveness of sins and then pursuing a faithful life with Jesus as Lord. (Acts 8:37, Luke 24:47, 1 Timothy 6:12, Revelation 2:10)
  5. The Bible is the inspired word of God and is the sole authority given for reproof, for correction and for training in righteousness that the man of God may be adequately equipped for every good work. (1 Peter 1:20-21, 2 Timothy 3:16)

Our Mission is to utilize the buildings and grounds to promote fully the teachings and mission as stated in the Bible.  All usage of the buildings and grounds will comprise our adherence to the biblical teachings and tenets of our sole desire to the principles of the Ist Century New Testament church as found in the Bible.


Ownership – all things belong to the one God of Heaven and Earth. We are blessed by God for providing the privilege of using this facility. We are recognized by the state of Mississippi as rightful owners of this property and grounds. Our facility is cooperatively owned and shared by the members of West Main Church of Christ.  The policy for management of this facility is intended to ensure orderly access by first, the church program of ministries; second, members of the church. 

Reservation and limitations of usage 

Reserve the right to limit or restrict the usage of the buildings and grounds that may conflict with the biblical teachings of the Bible and are not consistent with the character of the West Main church of Christ. No activity will be allowed that may interfere with use of the building and grounds for our normal worship services, Bible school classes, and church sponsored activities. Building is not to be used for personal business or profit.  All requests for using the building, facility and grounds are subject to approval by an Elder or designated person. All planned activities by members, including all family events must be recorded on the church calendar.

The following guidelines should be followed:

The Building Usage  Requests:


Use of Musical Instruments. It is the policy of the West Main church that the use of mechanical instruments of music will not be permitted during worship services. However, Weddings and Funerals held at West Main will be allowed to use recorded music if requested by the family and approved by the Eldership. The music selected must not infringe on the integrity of the church.  This restriction does not apply to the Family Activity Center when an “Non Church Service” event is held. 


Building Use Request Form

Members desiring use of the building or church owned items require approval as stated in this policy. The request may be made through our website or may obtain a copy from the church office. Once completed and appropriately signed, it should be submitted to the church office.   

To aid in avoiding conflicts members should make the reservation request well in advance of the planned use date, preferably a month, or no less than two weeks prior notice and completion of the form is required to help avoid conflicts. 

 The Building Use Form is Attachment A


Security and Supervision

Responsible adult supervision must be with the group at all times when facilities are in use. All minor children must be supervised by at least an adult who will adhere to security policy. No group activities are to be engaged where fall or injury hazards are a risk. West Main church of Christ is not responsible for loss or damage to vehicles using our parking lot. Safety precautions should be taken with due diligence of taking necessary precautions to ensure the safe usage by all participants.


Non Church sponsored usage 

There is to be no usage of the building, facility or grounds for any purpose outside of those sponsored by the West Main Church of Christ. Conducting personal business (unrelated to our mission) on church property or for personal financial profit is prohibited. An activity endorsed by a West Main member for the benefit of a worthwhile cause will be considered an acceptable use subject to approval.


Kitchen usage 

 Kitchen Use: In case of breakage or damage to kitchen materials, the responsible party is expected to correct or pay for the damage. Every group including catering services is expected to leave the kitchen and its equipment clean and in place as it was found. Individual members or responsible organizations should be responsible for tablecloths, dishes, etc. Dishes, utensils, and glasses should be cleaned and returned to the appropriate storage before leaving the facility after the event. Table cloths are to be properly cleaned, pressed, and returned within 5 days. (Members only) 


 Use of Equipment

 Any use of audio-visual equipment in the auditorium requires a member of the audio-visual team 

 The audio visual equipment will only be operated by a member of the audio-visual team. The audio and/or DVD equipment in the Fellowship Hall may be used without a member of the audio-visual team. This includes the use of the DVD player and up to two microphones. The use of additional audio visual equipment, including the availability to use a computer and/or PowerPoint will require the use of a member of the audio-visual team or qualified staff member. (Unless a member of the church, computer equipment is to be provided by the group.) The audio-visual team are those individuals identified by the West Main Media Deacon.



Use of church owned items

No furniture (tables, chairs, etc.) or equipment belonging to the Church may be loaned or removed from the building except for official Church functions without request through the church office and completion of the Request form (Attachment A) which includes approval by the Deacon in charge. Members using the tables for yard sales or similar activities should first contact the church office to determine which tables are available. No church property is to be removed that will interfere with normal church activities. All church owned items borrowed should be returned no later than 24 hours of the event and in all cases returned if equal or better condition. 


Personal Property 

West Main church is not responsible for loss or damage to any personal property.


Clean up policy

The building and grounds should be left in the same level of cleanliness following the event.  All trash is to be removed to the designated dumpsters. Nothing should be attached to floors, ceiling, windows, or doors that can not be removed without leaving marks, holes, or damage.



Weddings planned or scheduled must be in full compliance to our Wedding Policy. (Copy available in church office). In addition to the building use property, the following  requirements are to be met for weddings occurring in the buildings or grounds.  The wedding event will be in compliance to our established wedding policy. This includes the wedding ceremony, dinners, and photo sessions.



Anyone using the building and grounds outside of our normal weekly service must obtain a copy of the lock-up procedure for individual use and agree to follow it’s requirement. Copy may be obtained from the church office. The building should be left securely locked and all minors of the party accounted for.


Other considerations:

    • alcoholic beverages on church property
    • tobacco use in the church building or grounds
    • food or drink in the auditorium – (except for younger children supervised by an adult)
    • taking church equipment from the premises for personal use (includes all tables and chairs with permission)
    • moving of platform, or furniture without permission
    • kicking of balls in the basement
    • no use of DUCT TAPE or other adhesives to ceiling walls doors (check with church maintenance before applying) recommend using Mavalus tape.
    • crafting material smaller than ¼” on carpeted areas (i.e., glitter)The use of snacks with children must be supervised by an adult; snacks should be used in areas without carpeting.
  2. The church will not be responsible for personal property left in the building.
  3. Tape or string can hang decorations; tape must be removed completely.
  4. Candles may only be used with great caution 
  5. We request respect for other programs using the building at the same time.
  6. Ministry leaders must provide for adult supervision of children during an event held in the building.  Rooms used for childcare must also be requested and approved before the event.
  7. Doors or rooms not requested (and approved for use) must remain locked.
  8. Saturday evening events must be cleaned up, finished and out of the building by 11:00 pm.
  9. When leaving the building, please follow the lock-up procedure listed below
  10. Smoking,illegal drugs, and alcoholic beverages will not be permitted in church buildings or church grounds. 



Bonded Caterers connected to approved functions are welcome to use the church kitchen and appliances, but should supply their own linens, flatware, dishes, pots, pans and paper products for approved member usage. The Wedding Coordinator will be able to explain how to use the needed equipment. At the conclusion of the dinner or reception, the caterer is responsible for removing all items brought into the church for the event, as well as leftover food and drinks. The kitchen counters were cleaned and garbage removed and mopped the floor. Please remember that no alcoholic beverages are allowed on church property at any time. In the case where a caterer is only providing food, they will only be required for delivery of the catered food items.


Attachment  A – Building Use Request Form

Building Use Request Form

Name(s): ______________________________

Address: ______________________________

Contact Phone Number:__________________

Date of Request:________________________

Date(s) of Use:__________________________ 

(Start to Finish)(Include Setup Time)

Please specify the Hours of Usage: From _____ To _________

Name/Purpose of the Event:_____________________________________

__Request Use of the Building

    Specify Rooms to be used: ____________________________________

    Specify any church owned items:_______________________________


    Specify any church equipment:_________________________________


__I have checked with the church office that this will not interfere with church service or church sponsored activity.

__I have read the Building Use Policy and agree to its conditions

(Please be aware that the Family Center is used almost every Day)

______________________________                 ___________________________
Requestor                              (Date)                   Acknowledged  (Date)